Distinctive Management

Facilitation Quotes

Groups become great only when everyone in them, leaders and members alike, is free to do his or her absolute best

Warren Bennis, Patricia W. Biederman

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn

Benjamin Franklin

Through sharing our thoughts, we inspire one another, share visions and create the future.  We discover common values and build commitment. 

Ruth Hild

Organizations that have learned how to think together and that know themselves are filled with intelligent action.

Margaret Wheatley

If time is taken to involve affected and interested parties (stakeholders), the plan will become their plan, implementation will be accelerated, and the potential for future conflict and disagreement will be reduced.

Shirley McCune

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited.


Distinctive Facilitation

About the Course

Bringing people together to solve problems, plan, make decisions, and obtain resources requires both the science and art of facilitation – a powerful and essential form of leadership.  Collaboration among diverse professionals and workers does not happen automatically when people come together, even when people sincerely desire to co-operate.  When people must work in groups to plan, decide, innovate, implement, and share responsibility, they need facilitators who inspire them to put forth extraordinary efforts – to accomplish what cannot be achieved by individuals alone.

Rees (1998)

This course presents practical information on how to develop distinctive and effective facilitation skills and abilities.  It discusses the facilitation processes required during both pre-session and post-session as well as those that can be used throughout the different stages in the workshop itself.  In addition, the course offers case study analysis and practical exercises in order to for participants to apply their learning to real-life situations.

Course Content

Course Structure


The main strength of the course for me was to provide tools from which to choose as a facilitator. Also I think that defining the problem is so important.

Very good plus +++ for the "tool box". It gives guidelines on how to “reduce the emotions” of the problem solving process and provides support with tools and methods.

Found the 5W+H to be useful for any problem in life.