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Meetings are important and a very common part of company life.  Important decisions are generally made by a team of people working together in a collaborative situation.  These groups communicate information, generate and organise ideas, prepare new policies and procedures, share visions, build consensus and collaborate on the writing of reports.  Meeting together in a face-to-face environment can be expensive.  In addition, many traditional meetings are unsuccessful, unproductive and long-winded.   This may be due to a lack of a clear focus or hidden agendas may cause conflict or promote political decisions that are not in the best interests of the company.  Team members may also be apprehensive communicating contentious ideas and often dominant group members take over the session.  Meetings can often end without a clear understanding of what was discussed and the minutes may not provide a true reflection of the events.

smartSpeed – a synchronous and asynchronous collaboration tool – reduces many of the disadvantages often exhibited at face-to-face meetings.  With smartSpeed, participants can join a meeting anywhere in the world as long as they have an Internet connection and Web browser.  Synchronous sessions also require telephone conferencing facilities.

Online collaboration is supplemented with specific problem solving tools to help teams develop more successful and productive meetings.  These include tools for structured discussions, idea generation, categorisation of ideas or comments, voting and action tracking.  The collaborative environment allows participants to type ideas or read information without waiting for other members to complete their contribution.  This means that group members can “talk” and “listen” at the same time and results in a more efficient method of communication.  Participants can remain anonymous, if necessary which reduces stress and encourages a more open and honest environment.  A comprehensive and transparent report is instantly generated at the end of the session and can be e-mailed to all attendees.

Just like a conventional web conference, a smartSpeed session is controlled by an authorised host or facilitator. Distinctive Management offers trained virtual facilitators to help plan, support and run an interactive session using smartSpeed.  In addition, the company will provide demonstrations on its use and information on purchasing an external server hosted facility or an on-premises server package.

Virtual Collaboration

Virtual Collaboration